Inspired by her mother’s entrepreneurial spirit, Nicole Phillip has emerged as a successful businesswoman helping other women fulfill their dreams. She has overcome many challenges and has reached a position that enables her to empower entrepreneurs to create luxury brands that their customers love.

Nicole Phillip - Business Growth Coach

Nicole is a self-made woman and a creative business coach who has followed her dreams even if it meant giving up the security of her well-paying day job. When presented with an opportunity to accept a 2% raise for her job, she went with her heart and decided to follow her passion, which led her to focus solely on Ministry Event Marketing. She has achieved all the success while taking care of her ailing mother and raising a child.

Nicole’s path is an inspiration for women who have kept their dreams within themselves because of their added responsibilities as mothers and caregivers. Unlike other business coaches for entrepreneurs who solely focus on financial objectives, Nicole chooses a holistic approach to set aspirants on their path to business success. As a business growth coach, Nicole emphasizes mental and physical wellbeing so that her clients can achieve success without compromising the quality of their personal/family lives. 

Currently, Nicole Phillip is the CEO of Ministry Event Marketing and the brains behind ‘Behind the Brand’. With her proven skills and ability to unlock the full potential of entrepreneurs, she is helping businesses scale and, at the same time, gain visibility in new markets.